About Caroline

With over 6 years of dedicated counselling experience and many years of working in a corporate profession in business and education, I bring a wealth of deep understanding of life’s pressures and challenges as an individual and family member. 

I have a strong empathetic approach to addressing various emotional needs, including those surrounding bereavement, relationship breakdowns, divorce, illness, or impairment.  

Drawing from my background in education and Psychology, alongside my accreditation as a counsellor, I've cultivated a keen insight into the complexities of human emotions and the unique challenges individuals face during times of hardship and transition.  My diverse professional journey, from working in the UK and abroad as teacher, mentor and ambassador has further honed my ability to connect with individuals from different backgrounds and help to make sense of their experiences.

British Association for Counselling 

and Psychotherapy Registered


Come into my therapy room with me!

I cannot thank Caroline enough for her help when I recently went through a very stressful and uncomfortable period.  She gave me the tools and confidence to engage with my problems and the understanding of why I was feeling like I was.  She listens with empathy and kindness.


Caroline was welcoming, informative and helped us see how we could move forward in a more positive way. 

(From a parent)

Caroline just had so much empathy and understanding. I appreciate the help she gave my daughter.

(From a parent)